You IMG_20140427_055739(1)know you are tired, no in fact exhausted beyond your limits and in dire need of a good spa. But where is the time – with office, husband, in-laws, kids, and home, you barely have time to straighten your back leave alone going to a spa. This is where ‘The Nomadic Spalon’ comes to your rescue. Yes! You heard it right! ‘The Nomadic Spalon’ is an exclusive personalised Spa and Salon serviced offered in the comfort of your home at your time and convenience. So no need to worry about fixing an appointment or cancelling it, because at The Nomadic Spalon, a team of expert professionals ensure that you have pampering grooming services and personalised therapies at the comfort of your home, much before your salons open and after they are closed for the day.

Talking about the aim of starting the Nomadic Spalon, owner and certified Spa Expert Seema Nanda says, “Today’s stress has become more persistent because of accelerating pace of life. Whether you are the CEO of a company or a home manager, an entrepreneur or an executive in a firm, a student or a mompreneur; everyone deserves to be pampered and everyone deserves to get few minutes off from their hectic schedule to de-stress and relax. However, by the time you finish your day’s work and tick off the last point on your to-do list; it’s too late and you start thinking about the next day. This very thought of flexibility and bringing the spa and salon services to your space with a professional touch gave wings to The Nomadic Spalon.”

So when I opted for the services, I was little sceptical about the entire thing like creating a spa like ambience at your home and providing you with an experience that you will not forget. However, after lot of mismatched timings and communication we finally settled for a date in December last year for the services offered by the team of Nomadic Spalon. I was told that the team will reach at my place at 2:30 pm so me and my mother-in-law for whom I had opted for full body massage had had our lunch well on time and were waiting for them when dot at 2:20 our intercom rang confirming the arrival of the team and at exact 2:30 the team was at my place.

Okay! I was impressed by their punctuality considering they were coming from the interiors of Noida and their deftness by which they set up everything in another 10 minutes and then we were ready to get pampered by the expert team of professionals. Since there were two girls who were there to render their services and two of us to receive them – one started with the body massage and the other one started with my pedicure.

It was relaxing what with the soothing music playing and lights being dimmed and one sole candle throwing its soft light, but yes it would have been more relaxing if I sat on a chair instead of a stool that I was sitting on. Since my back had no support, it was little tiring. But otherwise the pedicure was good complete with the massager and the adroit hands of Shazia or Reena (sorry I am confusing the two names!).

MIL enjoyed the body massage by the girl and she felt all her pain first re-surfacing and then disappearing. The expert who was doing the massage started with the foot – massaging it gently and soaking out all the tiredness from her feet, then her legs and then massaging her back repeating the process in front.  After my pedicure it was time to pamper my hands and of course some tea and snacks, as the girls must have been also hungry and wanting to refresh themselves. Anyway post tea session it was time for my manicure and thus started the routine for my hands.

Overall it was a neat experience, yes they did manage to create a spa in our home and provide us the services that we both yearned for but had no time to go for in a spa. Thank you Seema and her team for providing us with a wonderful spa experience at the comfort of our homes.

Information on Seema Nanda: This set up is owned by a certified Spa Expert Seema Nanda. She is a Spa Consultant and provides turn-key spa solutions to hotels & developers through her consultancy – Provado Spa Consultancy. She holds a Spa Management Certification from the prestigious Core Wellness Ltd. Mumbai. Bringing in an extensive experience of working with the finest chains of Hotel & Resort Spas in the country, leading conceptualizing and setting up spa centres across India, taking on hotel spa operational projects and training the finest team of professionals; she also hails from a family which has been into the Spa business since the past 35 years. Spending a lot of time learning about aroma oils and therapies, Seema has also been involved in running the family portfolio of Spa & Wellness before venturing into her own setup.